Triggers & Targets created by Tymeshift


Tymeshift creates 4 triggers after being installed in Zendesk. These triggers are connected to a corresponding target. The target sends ticket event information to Tymeshift. These events are used to calculate metrics used in Tymeshift such as Attended, Handled, and Solved tickets.

Below is a description of the 4 triggers & targets Tymeshift uses and what they are used for.


Trigger: Tymeshift: Ticket Satisfaction Change
Target: Tymeshift: Satisfaction Target

Used to capture the satisfaction rating that is received by a user on tickets. This is used to show the satisfaction rating in various reports in Tymeshift. 


Tymeshift: Ticket Status Change to Solved
Tymeshift: Status Change Target

Used to ensure metrics are always captured for solved tickets. These metrics are used in various reports in Tymeshift. 


Tymeshift: Ticket Create
Tymeshift: Ticket Create Target

Used to capture events related to tickets that are created because the Zendesk app is unable to capture these events. 


Tymeshift: Ticket Update
Ticket Update Target

Used to capture events when a ticket is updated outside of Zendesk. I.e. The Zendesk mobile app. 


How to view the triggers above:
Within Zendesk, go to: Admin > Triggers and locate the trigger using the name listed above. 

How to view the targets above:
Within Zendesk, go to: Admin > Extensions > Targets and locate the target using the name listed above. 

What happens if a target is deactivated due to failures?
If Tymeshift detects that a target is disabled, it will automatically attempt to re-enable the target. 

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