How to Use Unassigned Shifts

Unassigned Shifts, as the name says, are shifts without any assignee. Your agents can either take those shifts, with or without Admin's approval, or you can simply assign it to any of the available agents.


To create an Unassigned Shift click on Add Shift button, located at the top right corner of your Main Schedule page, enter all the necessary information and leave the Assignee(s) box empty. All that it's left to do now is to hit the Save button, and your shift will appear in the Unassigned column.


Depending on your preferences your agents can either take a shift with or without managers approval or you can turn that feature off so that they are forbidden to take unassigned shifts.


Once you publish your Unassigned Shifts, those shifts will appear in your agents' My Schedule view, and they will be able to take them with or without managers approval depending on your settings.


Finally, go to Approvals page and decide whether to approve or decline your agents' requests to take Unassigned Shifts.



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