Signing up for Tymeshift 

1) To get started, visit:

2)  Click on "Get Started"

3)  Enter your Zendesk URL, agree to Tymeshift's terms of service and hit "Continue".

4) Next provide your first name, last name and phone number and hit "Save Account Details".

5) Log into Tymeshift using your Zendesk credentials, which lets us grab that pesky Zendesk API Key without you having to do anything else!

6) That is it! TymeShift will be automatically installed! To start using it, return to your Zendesk, and open up any ticket. Select "Apps" on the right side of your screen. Then click "Reload Apps" and you'll see TymeShift! Clock in to your first ticket to begin seamlessly tracking time - without EVER leaving Zendesk!

Easy as pie and only slightly less delicious!

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