How the Auto Clock-in Feature works.

  1. You Log in for the day
  2. Open a ticket
  3. This will automatically shift you when you open that ticket
  4. Move on to a new ticket (shifts you again)
  5. Clock out for the day

To activate simply open the drop down menu in your app in Zendesk and select "Admin Options"


Next select the agent you want to edit and check the box next to "Enable Auto Clock" and then select the appropriate Clock In/Out options and your changes will save automatically!


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    This is great feature, so we can work on 3 tickets at the same time and time will be calculated for each ticket separately, so times counts only when ticket tab is active, correct?

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    David Birchmier

    Hi Sergey,

    Great question!

    Yes, you are exactly correct. The time will be counted ONLY for the last ticket tab you had active.

    Here's an example:

    1) Agent opens Ticket #1. The timer automatically starts running. 

    2) Agent finishes Ticket #1 and moves to Ticket #2. When agent opens Ticket #2, the agent is automatically SHIFTED into Ticket #2. Shifting means that the clock stops on Ticket #1 and begins on Ticket #2.

    3) While working on Ticket #2, the agent leaves Zendesk entirely. This doesn't matter. The clock KEEPS running.

    4) The agent returns to Zendesk and opens Ticket #3. The clock has been running on Ticket #2 the entire time he was gone. Now the agent is SHIFTED from Ticket #2 into Ticket #3. (Clock stops on #2, starts on #3)


    Hope this information is helpful. Thanks for the great question!

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    Thank you for example, but why do we need to keep clock running at step 3)  Lets say while working on Ticket #2, the agent leaves Zendesk entirely to go on lunch. Can we program tymeshift to stop time clock when leaving/logging off Zendesk? 

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    David Birchmier

    Hi Sergey,

    Great question. Unfortunately if the agent leaves Zendesk entirely, the clock will keep running. But, the agent can stop the clock by simply clicking "Clock Out". 

    The reason for this behavior is two fold:

    1) We don't want the app to be dependent on the window needing to be open to keep working as this introduces the potential for other issues.

    2) When you close Zendesk, Zendesk does not send any trigger to our App through their API to allow us to know that the window is closed and to clock the agent out. 


    Let me know if this makes sense to you, and if you feel like you can make this work for your workflow.

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