Thanks for your great service. Really appreciate the e-mails etc. I know all that takes time.  Haven't had time to try a lot.  wifi seems to be fine.  Did download some pictures and forgot to reset the time and date so they are out of line - no big deal, but might be for someone.  Maybe a reminder to reset or a bit more of your time to reset those things before returning the computer.  By the way to Big Used monitor is doing the job we needed it for quite well.  True to your word it is BIG, but fine for now.  Thanks, Mary

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    David Birchmier

    Thanks so much for your feedback Mary! We truly do appreciate it. Sorry about forgetting to reset the time/date on your computer. We try to check this on every system and must have just missed it -- thanks for bringing it to our attention and we'll make sure to do better in the future!

    I'm glad to hear the BIG monitor is working well for you! 

    Please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything else.