You are my only computer resource that I will use.  a little secret;  I used to be an assistant manager at Best Buy  who cares about the geek squad     when we here in Bloomfield have the Meak Squad with the know how and the Best Manners around.      I applaud your awesome Customer Service skills.    You are the IDEAL  of Great Customer Service.   Unlike the ___ Acer Computer company, who would not even give me the time of Day.  

   Totally satisfied Customer   Peter

PS   Thanks Tim for the second time.   

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    David Birchmier

    I just wanted to follow up with you and sincerely say THANK YOU :)

    We truly appreciate your kind words, and it honestly is the reason we wake up every morning and strive to do what we do.

    Thanks again -- I'll be sure to pass it on to Tim as it will bring a smile to his face as well.


    Hope the monitor stays in better working order, but if it gives you any issues please don't hesitate to ask and we'll be happy to help out!