Ok I've seen the new store;  great big room.  Now as my wife says you need to make it say come visit me.  How about some real or fake plants, some nice seating in the waiting room.  Music not that new age stuff, christian or oldies station, Michale Buble....  Some recommendations or opinions (now I know what they say about opinions, everyone has one and they usually stink).  but you should have your services on a computer screen or loop so that when people are in their they can see what you do. { Free salesman}.  Also need more privacy when building a quote.  Need a nice place to sit and spend money, so you can make more.  Was a little cold in room apperance.  Now remember I am the guy that loves you guys.  These are suggestions from someone coming in off the street for the first time.  If you want more stinky comments let me know.  My wife and I are retail managers of 20 years and look at customer service with a very critical eye.  Yes we know that you are just setting up, but sometimes you don't get that second chance to make a first impression.  I stayed with your company when I get discounted products from Home Depot Benifits.  Keeping it local.  Remember me on the Grand opening for any discouts you may provide.  Thanks Peter Navy Seal and Photographer

PS  Tim and John and the young lady were great; only glitch was in timeleness of quote but Getting sick is a good excuse and I understood that.  Maybe next time should offer a quote face to face as I lost it with the sticker shock. I would offer face to face first then if they want go with the email or letter.  Older generation thing...  Follow up with a thank you note for the purchase...   or email...    I know that it would come after we finalize.. but it helps with the buyers remorse thing....   ok enough of me on my soap boxes...

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    David Birchmier

    Hi Peter,

    Sorry for taking awhile to respond to you. I was hoping to see you at the Grand Opening a few weeks ago and chat in-person, but I talked with your wife and understand you had a busy weekend! 

    I think a lot of your suggestions were awesome! We actually already do quite a few of them, like: TV in the waiting room with services, seating in the lobby, follow-up Thank You Cards, etc. 


    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. You have a lot of great suggestions and we'll definitely keep them in mind! Additionally, thank you for your loyalty and patronage. It truly does mean a lot to us!