The Clock

Clocking in and out manually:
      • You are the master of your own time and decide when you clock in/out.

Manually add time:

      • You just want to enter your time and have it recorded on a ticket. 

Auto Clock:

      • You are far to busy working to worry about clocking in/out.
      • Easily established clock out rules allow you to decide what actions will clock your out.
      • The ticket lock feature is here for you when you need to track time on one ticket but open another.
Untracked Time:
      • Untracked time is kept whenever time is NOT being tracked on a ticket or General Task.
      • View these results from your Agent Activity report.
You can also configure rules to control how your clock functions. For example, Tymeshift can clock you out when you solve a ticket or close your ticket tab. To learn how to use these features check out our Agent Permissions article.
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