How to Install a Developer Version of Tymeshift
Many times we will work with our clients to customize Tymeshift for their needs. In these cases, a developer version of the app will sometimes be necessary to allow you to test new features. Please note, if you need to UPDATE an existing developer version you already have installed, please review this article instead. 

To install the developer version of the app, do the following: 
1. Go to your Zendesk, select Manage, and then click "Upload App"
2. Upload the attached ZIP file. Name the app "Tymeshift Dev" (without the quotes)
3. Enable the new app. DISABLE the the version from the Zendesk App Store. (You don't have to fully remove it, just disable it.)
4. Now login to the Tymeshift Admin Area and go to SETTINGS
5. Follow the directions in the screenshot below:
Disable the App Store Version:
  1. Go to Admin > Manage
  2. Locate Tymeshift and click the Settings Menu. Change it to Disabled. 
The video below shows the first part of the installation process: NOTE: You'll still need to click the "Update Tymeshift Token" link under Admin > Settings to complete the installation.
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