Ticket time categories allow time tracked on tickets to be sub-categorized under custom categories that you define. Time categories are typically most useful for service companies that need to sub-categorize types of work within a single ticket.

Examples ticket time categories:
On-Site Work
Remote Work

Ticket time Categories & Auto-Clock
Ticket time categories do not work with the auto-clock feature, since manually selection of the time category the user wishes to clock-in to is required. 

How to create ticket time categories:

  1. Go to Admin > "Ticket Time Categories" 
  2. Check the box "USE TIME CATEGORIES"
  3. Select "Add Time Category" and add as many categories as you wish. 
  4. If you have BILLING enabled, you may also select a default Billing status for the ticket time category you defined. 


Clocking in to Ticket Time Categories
After you have enabled and added a few ticket time categories, you will be asked to select one each time you clock in to a ticket. 

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