Creating & Using Notifications

Notifications allow you to trigger alerts based on parameters that are sent to people you specific. These alerts can be sent via email, within the Zendesk app and Tymeshift web app, as well as via our mobile apps

  1. Notifications are setup in Rules. To get started navigate to Admin > Rules from within the Tymeshift web app. 

  2. Begin by filling out the conditions you want to trigger a notification. Next select "Send notification" for the action as shown below.

  3. Under "NOTIFICATION TYPES" you can select where you want the notifications sent. 

    Below are examples of the Zendesk & Web Notifications & how to access them:

  4. Lastly, pick who you want to send the notifications to. For example, you may wish to send it to the agent that matches/violates the rule (Agent Matching Rule) or send it to the agent's manager (Specific agent(s)) alerting them of an issue.






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