Re-Authorize Tymeshift with Zendesk via oAuth

You may need to this for a number of reasons:

  • You are disabling the original user that authorized Tymeshift with Zendesk
  • You wish to change the user that provides the oAuth permissions

Here are the steps to re-authorize Tymeshift with Zendesk:

  1. Login to the Tymeshift Web App using an account that has Admin access.
  2. Go to Admin > Settings
  4. Click "Re-Authorize Tymeshift with Zendesk"

Important note about demoting the admin that authorized Tymeshift:

  • If you are planning to demote the Zendesk Admin that is presently authorized with Tymeshift, perform the above steps first. Otherwise, Tymeshift will stop working until the steps are performed, since the authorization will be broken. 




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