Enable Chrome Notifications (If you've previously blocked them)

In order to receive notifications from Tymeshift, they will need to be enabled within Chrome. If you've previously blocked the notifications, here are the steps necessary to ensure that notifications from Tymeshift are allowed:


  1. Access your Chrome settings
  2. Access 'Show advanced settings...'
  3. Under 'Privacy', access 'Content settings...'
  4. Scroll down and under 'Notifications', access 'Manage exceptions...'
  5. Find your Tymeshift app, which will be in the following format - [Zendesk URL].tymeapp.com -
  6. If the 'Behavior is listed as 'Allow' then everything is fine. If the 'Behavior is listed as 'Block', simply click on 'Block' and select 'Allow' from the drop down. 

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