Basic Terminology

Here is a breakdown of the different types of time that is tracked by Tymeshift:

Ticket Time - 

Any time that is tracked on a specific ticket. When an agent opens a ticket, Tymeshift will automatically start tracking their time on that ticket (Auto-Clock needs to be enabled). This time is represented with the color green to indicate it as "good time". 


General Task Time

Any time that is NOT tracked on a specific ticket but rather on a General Task. General Task are created to track an agent's time without them being clocked into a ticket. Common uses for this include but are not limited to, administrative work and breaks. This time is represented with the color yellow and is often perceived as being "OK" in moderation or in the instance of an employee who does not work on tickets.

Untracked Time - 

Any time that is not tracked towards either a specific ticket or General Task. This time is represented with the color red and is generally viewed as "bad time" since work is not being completed on a task. 



Above is a breakdown of an agent's day from the Agent Activity area. From here you are able to see how much of each type of time they tracked for that day. At the bottom are the percentages for their day.  

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