Task Lock

This feature allows you to remain clocked into a single ticket or General Task, even when opening other tickets. This is great when an agent needs to research past tickets while continuing to track time on a single ticket. You also have the ability to establish a time limit for this feature.

How to limit the time that Task Lock is able to remain active:

First you will need to enable this feature for the appropriate agent(s) from your Agent Permissions.

Once that is completed, just have your agent(s) turn their Task Lock on from within the app in Zendesk.


The Task Lock time limit will remain in effect for the amount of minutes that you established. After the predetermined amount of time has elapsed, Auto Clock will be re-enabled and your agent(s) time will be shifted as usual. 

It is important to note that after the Task Lock time limit ends, your agent(s) will need to open a ticket for the Auto Clock to begin again. This means that if your agent has a ticket open, which they are not Task Locked onto, their time will NOT be shifted once the Task Lock time limit ends, until they open another ticket.

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