Attended Tickets
A ticket is attended when any action OTHER than solving or escalating occurs. This is measured by the agent receiving a point each time they attend the ticket, the following are examples of actions that will result in 1 point being received by the agent:

  • Status is updated to anything other than 'Solved'
  • A comment is submitted
  • A comment is added and the status is updated (in one submission)

Please note that an agent does not receive a point if ticket is being solved or escalated and receiving. Also, if an agent performs multiple changes on a ticket such as changing the status and adding a comment and then submits the ticket with both changes, the agent will only receive 1 attended ticket point. 

If an agent performs multiple actions (change status and add comment) and submits each action separately
(i.e. submits ticket twice) then the agent receives 2 attended points, 1 for submitting the status change and another for submitting the add comment.

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